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For Her. . .  Mini Facial, Brow Shaping, Hair Cut & Blowdry  $99

For Him. . .Mini Facial, Brow Shaping, Haircut  $75


Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Accup

Achieve natural-looking results and strengthen supporting muscle tissues – Call today to find out more!

Did you know. . . .

Glycolic and Retinol product users listen up!  These topical treatments ready your skin for increased photosensitivity – think about this before spending a day in the summer sun.  Sunscreens and limited sun exposure are a must.  Consider shelving them until September.  This goes for waxing as well.  Sun + Retinols + Waxing = :(


July is time for the mid-summer freshen-up!

Rethink your cleanser – you may need something to better combat the extra dirt, oil, sweat & sunscreen, associated with those summer days.

Consider our Summer Refresher Combo – Citrus Body Scrub, Refresh Facial & Lemon Drop Pedi     $150




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