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A Gift Certificate is easy for you – loved by them! Let’s face it, all anyone really wants is a little time to themselves – and a Gift Certificate to Nicholas. . . .

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All Gift Certificates hold their dollar-value worth. They can be swapped for services, product, or even transferred.

Good things to keep in mind….

At Nicholas, our Gift Certificates are valid from one year of issue. Can’t make it in a year? Simply contact us for an automatic, one month extension. Gift Certificates must be presented, in order to redeem. Lost yours? Just provide us with the issue number, and we can look it up for you. It is important to note, Combination Packages are discounted, for you to enjoy all in one day. We are unable to discount these services further. You are welcome to substitute services, or enjoy your Package over several days – this will simply result in the entire Package value reverting to its total dollar value; to be used a as a debit card.

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