Initial Color 65

Let us take an extra moment to assess & discuss your color desires. We will review process, time and the up keep of all decisions. Once we have mutually decided, your color formula will be recorded and you are all set!

Maintenance (roots/roots to ends) 60/70

We have your color formulated & recorded – so sit and let’s get to it!

Roots to Ends 70

Over time, your color may fade, and require more than a root/grey touch up. Perk up your hair with a top to bottom color.

Temple Touch-up 40

Greys on the temples? One stubborn patch? This is for you!

Glaze/Toner 65

Lighter hair getting too light? Wanting to add a bit more pigment back into a highlighted hair color? Perhaps you need an all over brightening & refreshing – these are the steps for you!

Fillers/Pre-Stains 20

This little step helps to fill in the gaps, which prevent a uniform hair color. Think of it as the primer for your color.

Brow Color 10

No reason why the hairs on your brow shouldn’t match the rest!

Color Corrections

Based upon Consultation

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