For The Young Adult

My First Brow Care 20

This easy clean-up service is designed to introduce the art of eyebrow care & maintenance. Unless waxing is requested, tweezing will be the initial procedure.

My Guy's Brow Clean-Up 15

Define the brow, with a basic clean-up. Targeting the center of the brows, we will strive to keep the “untouched” look.

My First Facial 80

A wonderful introduction to the art of skincare! A gentle form of analysis, cleansing, toning and masking, allows your young adult to enjoy this right of passage. Best to have an adult, accompany, to assist with Facial Care Form fill out – imperative to identifying skin type status, medications, product usage, and Dermatologist’s directions. Extractions are not preformed during this service.

Teen Clean Extractions 75

Ready for a good, old-fashioned cleaning? Here it is! Allow us to deep clean your teen, while advising on at home care. All Teen Clean Facials are conducted with Dermalogica’s Clear Start skincare products, especially designed for your tweens & teens.

Team Player Massage 60

Over did it on the hamstrings? Range of motion limited on the lats? This half hour treatment is designed to help your school athlete ease muscular discomfort and work the lymphatic drainage of lactic acid build up. Best for an adult to accompany, to assist with filling out Medical Massage forms – advising of exact physical discomfort and Dr’s medical advisements.

Calm-It Soothing Facial 80

Tweens & Teens experience many different forms of facial skin irritations. . .Acneic flares, sports equipment, and cell phone usage, all contribute to sensitizing young skin. This facial is designed to calm, heal and sooth.

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