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Meet with our NYS Licensed Acupuncturist to discuss healing modalities including pain relief, weight loss, ending smoking and the incredible Acupuncture Facelift.

Warm Salt Polish 85

Hydroactive mineral salts, combined with warm massage oil, provide an exfoliating body polish. Gently rubbed into the skin, the salts are melted with a hot towels. Freshly polished skin is hydrated with body butter, for a silky, smooth finish.

Enzymatic Sea Mud 95

Detox and Resurface your skin with this fine mixture of seaweed and plant enzymes. Hot towels invigorate and dilate, aiding in mineral absorption. Essential oils perfume and hydrate your enriched skin.

Body Bronzing 90

Let it Glow! More than a Tanning Service, our Body Bronzing provides the best of an invigorating Body Polish, with the Sun Kisses Glow of a subtle Mousse application. Exfoliated skin is prepared with hydration barriers, to prevent streaking and hyperpigmenting. Mousse is massaged into the skin, providing an “afternoon in the sun” look. Bronzing will darken, slightly after the first two days – then gradually begin to fade.

Luxury Body Facial 110

Your skin is your largest organ – why just stop at the face? Enjoy a full body cleanse, tone, exfoliation and mask – relaxing as it is healing.

Attention for the Back Facial 80

You can see it, but you know it’s there – B-acne! This Treatment decongests & heals the skin on your back, so you can feel clear and smooth, again. Cleansing, Steaming, Extractions and Mask, work in conjunction to restore you skin to it’s former glory.

Invigorating Leg Treatment 80

This Icy/Hot Treatment is designed to cool, relieve, relax and revive your tired, soar legs. Alternate heat and cool will increase circulation, awaken tired muscles and massage away your troubles.

Reiki Recharge 30

Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. We all have times when we feel our energy levels are low, or perhaps too frenetic. Reiki uses the energy of your Reiki Practitioner, to balance your energies – unblocking energy flow, and restoring you to a more leveled energy state. Hands are hovered along the body, redirecting the energy you posses – relaxing, engaging and leveling.

Spirit and Body Balance 90

Heal the Body – Heal the Spirit. . . this one hour Treatment is designed to create a physical & emotional balance. A half hour of Therapeutic Massage is coupled with a half hour of Reiki Energy Balancing. Together, they provide a revival for the body & soul.

Ear Candling 45

AromAhhh Therapy 80

Raindrop Boosting Therapy 115

Spray Bronzing - Full Body 50

Spray Bronzing - Just Jambes 30

Spray Bronzing - Sunny Face 20

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