Petite Massage 65

Everything you love about Massage, in a mini session. Enjoy a half hour of localized, or all over relaxation.

Nicholas Swedish 110

Our Swedish Massage combines just the perfect amount of muscle work with relaxing, kneading and effleurage movements – encouraging lymphatic drainage, increased circulation and above all, a “that’s just what I needed” feeling! 60 Minutes

Deep Tissue / Sports 125

Let us “Work It Out” for you! Over trained? Ran one too many laps? Needing to open up your range of motion? Tell us where it hurts – we have the solution.
60 Minutes

Prenatal Mommy Massage 130

It’s a lot of work creating something wonderful! Treat your body to the much needed attention it deserves. Allow yourself to relax, rest and restore. . .Enjoy now, before your little one arrives. Do check with your Doctor, to get their approval. Our Massage Therapist will be trained in Prenatal Massage, but we do ask all Moms – to – Be, to wait until after their first Trimester, for their massage. 60 Minutes

Medical / Post Op 125

If you have been given the go-ahead, from your physician, you may request a Post-Op or Medical Massage. What a great way to start the road to recovery!
50 Minutes

La Stone Therapy 140

Warmed, oiled basalt stones are incorporated into this relaxing Massage Treatment. Retaining their heat, the stones will be guided over muscle groups – encouraging immediate relaxation, further muscle access with an over-all enveloping warmth. 60 Minutes

90 Minutes of Massage 150

Let’s face it – if it was wonderful for 60 minutes, how amazing would it be for 90?!? Try it, and find out – more is just better. . .

Reflexology Foot Therapy 90

This Therapeutic Treatment uses your feet as the road map to your internal organs. Pressure points and localized massage allow you to access and relieve those physical issues preventing you from feeling your best. This amazing treatment is so much more than just a foot massage! 50 Minutes of Reflex-Relax

Gentleman's Massage 120

Get to the root of your muscular pain, with this one hour intensive Massage, designed to relax the muscles and increase range of motion. 60 Minutes

Gentleman's Care for the Hands 20

Men are tough on their hands! Show them a little love with this soothing & moisturizing Treatment, complete with Massage & Nail Care.

Gentleman's Care for the Feet 40

Men are tough on their feet! Trust us, they will love the opportunity to soak, scrub and file their feet into submission – complete with Massage & Nail Care. . . try it once, and they will be hooked.

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